Module jdk.xml.dom

Interface HTMLAreaElement

All Superinterfaces:
Element, HTMLElement, Node

public interface HTMLAreaElement extends HTMLElement
Client-side image map area definition. See the AREA element definition in HTML 4.0.

See also the Document Object Model (DOM) Level 2 Specification.

1.4, DOM Level 2
  • Method Details

    • getAccessKey

      String getAccessKey()
      A single character access key to give access to the form control. See the accesskey attribute definition in HTML 4.0.
    • setAccessKey

      void setAccessKey(String accessKey)
    • getAlt

      String getAlt()
      Alternate text for user agents not rendering the normal content of this element. See the alt attribute definition in HTML 4.0.
    • setAlt

      void setAlt(String alt)
    • getCoords

      String getCoords()
      Comma-separated list of lengths, defining an active region geometry. See also shape for the shape of the region. See the coords attribute definition in HTML 4.0.
    • setCoords

      void setCoords(String coords)
    • getHref

      String getHref()
      The URI of the linked resource. See the href attribute definition in HTML 4.0.
    • setHref

      void setHref(String href)
    • getNoHref

      boolean getNoHref()
      Specifies that this area is inactive, i.e., has no associated action. See the nohref attribute definition in HTML 4.0.
    • setNoHref

      void setNoHref(boolean noHref)
    • getShape

      String getShape()
      The shape of the active area. The coordinates are given by coords . See the shape attribute definition in HTML 4.0.
    • setShape

      void setShape(String shape)
    • getTabIndex

      int getTabIndex()
      Index that represents the element's position in the tabbing order. See the tabindex attribute definition in HTML 4.0.
    • setTabIndex

      void setTabIndex(int tabIndex)
    • getTarget

      String getTarget()
      Frame to render the resource in. See the target attribute definition in HTML 4.0.
    • setTarget

      void setTarget(String target)