Module jdk.xml.dom

Interface HTMLScriptElement

All Superinterfaces:
Element, HTMLElement, Node

public interface HTMLScriptElement extends HTMLElement
Script statements. See the SCRIPT element definition in HTML 4.0.

See also the Document Object Model (DOM) Level 2 Specification.

1.4, DOM Level 2
  • Method Details

    • getText

      String getText()
      The script content of the element.
    • setText

      void setText(String text)
    • getHtmlFor

      String getHtmlFor()
      Reserved for future use.
    • setHtmlFor

      void setHtmlFor(String htmlFor)
    • getEvent

      String getEvent()
      Reserved for future use.
    • setEvent

      void setEvent(String event)
    • getCharset

      String getCharset()
      The character encoding of the linked resource. See the charset attribute definition in HTML 4.0.
    • setCharset

      void setCharset(String charset)
    • getDefer

      boolean getDefer()
      Indicates that the user agent can defer processing of the script. See the defer attribute definition in HTML 4.0.
    • setDefer

      void setDefer(boolean defer)
    • getSrc

      String getSrc()
      URI designating an external script. See the src attribute definition in HTML 4.0.
    • setSrc

      void setSrc(String src)
    • getType

      String getType()
      The content type of the script language. See the type attribute definition in HTML 4.0.
    • setType

      void setType(String type)