Module jdk.xml.dom

Interface HTMLSelectElement

All Superinterfaces:
Element, HTMLElement, Node

public interface HTMLSelectElement extends HTMLElement
The select element allows the selection of an option. The contained options can be directly accessed through the select element as a collection. See the SELECT element definition in HTML 4.0.

See also the Document Object Model (DOM) Level 2 Specification.

1.4, DOM Level 2
  • Method Details

    • getType

      String getType()
      The type of this form control. This is the string "select-multiple" when the multiple attribute is true and the string "select-one" when false .
    • getSelectedIndex

      int getSelectedIndex()
      The ordinal index of the selected option, starting from 0. The value -1 is returned if no element is selected. If multiple options are selected, the index of the first selected option is returned.
    • setSelectedIndex

      void setSelectedIndex(int selectedIndex)
    • getValue

      String getValue()
      The current form control value.
    • setValue

      void setValue(String value)
    • getLength

      int getLength()
      The number of options in this SELECT .
    • getForm

      HTMLFormElement getForm()
      Returns the FORM element containing this control. Returns null if this control is not within the context of a form.
    • getOptions

      HTMLCollection getOptions()
      The collection of OPTION elements contained by this element.
    • getDisabled

      boolean getDisabled()
      The control is unavailable in this context. See the disabled attribute definition in HTML 4.0.
    • setDisabled

      void setDisabled(boolean disabled)
    • getMultiple

      boolean getMultiple()
      If true, multiple OPTION elements may be selected in this SELECT . See the multiple attribute definition in HTML 4.0.
    • setMultiple

      void setMultiple(boolean multiple)
    • getName

      String getName()
      Form control or object name when submitted with a form. See the name attribute definition in HTML 4.0.
    • setName

      void setName(String name)
    • getSize

      int getSize()
      Number of visible rows. See the size attribute definition in HTML 4.0.
    • setSize

      void setSize(int size)
    • getTabIndex

      int getTabIndex()
      Index that represents the element's position in the tabbing order. See the tabindex attribute definition in HTML 4.0.
    • setTabIndex

      void setTabIndex(int tabIndex)
    • add

      void add(HTMLElement element, HTMLElement before) throws DOMException
      Add a new element to the collection of OPTION elements for this SELECT . This method is the equivalent of the appendChild method of the Node interface if the before parameter is null . It is equivalent to the insertBefore method on the parent of before in all other cases.
      element - The element to add.
      before - The element to insert before, or null for the tail of the list.
      DOMException - NOT_FOUND_ERR: Raised if before is not a descendant of the SELECT element.
    • remove

      void remove(int index)
      Remove an element from the collection of OPTION elements for this SELECT . Does nothing if no element has the given index.
      index - The index of the item to remove, starting from 0.
    • blur

      void blur()
      Removes keyboard focus from this element.
    • focus

      void focus()
      Gives keyboard focus to this element.