Project 4

Due Wednesday, April 19 11:55pm. Submission through SVN.
Please submit your work in SVN directory< your username >/cs112/proj4


Learning outcome

You will continue to learn to read JavaDoc and implement matching the specifications in JavaDoc. You will also get more familiar with class and method interactions. Your in-class projects and lab 1 had similar code for user login, but you will build a new user database in USFlix, including the rating information.


JavaDoc contains suggested specification. Your submission should provide all the functionalities below. If your submission deviates from the JavaDoc, your Driver must demonstrate all the functionalities.

Extra credit

If you wish to receive extra credit, then note which one you have tried in README.


Submit all your Java files and Driver that tests your code to show that your code satisfies all the functionalities. If your program does not satisfy all functionalities, then explain in REAMDE which ones work. In the README, explain how you implemented functionalities.