12/08/11: The last extra-credit opportunity is on Thursday, December 8th at CS Night. You'll need to attend the keynote talk, and listen to 2 poster presentations. The instructor will be at the keynote talk with the attendance sheet, and you need to collect 2 signatures from the presenters that you've talked and submit them to me during CS Night, before 9pm. The lecture report should summarize the keynote talk and 2 presentations, and is due on Thursday, December 15th through Blackboard Lecture Reports tab.

On-going: Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA hosts a Speaker Series on Revolutionaries. The schedule is here, and you may attend one of these for extra-credit. To prove your attendance, you'll need to register and submit the registration email, on top of your lecture report. The registration is free.

11/30/11: Extra-credit talk on Real-World Experiences with Search Engines on Wednesday, November 30th at 2:15pm at HR 232.

11/10/11: Extra-credit talk Cyber Security: an interview with Michael Nacht, Ph.D., the former Assistant Secretary of Defense on Thursday, November 10 at 5:45pm at Fromm Hall.

10/27/11: You can submit your lecture reports on Blackboard. Click on "Lecture Reports" tab on the left sidebar, on "Lecture Reports", and then "Create Journal Entry". Paper submission in class is still accepted, and the due date is the same in either way of submission.

10/24/11: Extra-credit talk Mark Bowden: The First Digital War on Mon. October 24th at 6pm at the Commonwealth Club office. The details are here, and please email the instructor for the admission.

8/26/11: Special talk on Wed. September 14th is added to the schedule. This is outside of the our usual TR schedule, so will serve as an extra credit opportunity in attendance and weekly report.

8/23/11: The syllabus is available at Syllabus tab.