Game Engineering
 Spring 2016
Project 3:  Student Choice
Original Design Specification Due 4/11/2016 (but sooner is better!)
      Followup schedule modifications due on a weekly basis
Other Team Feedback Due 5/04/2016
Final Version Due 5/11/2016

Final Project: Student Choice

For your final project, you get to create anything that you would like. You are free (and encouraged!) to come by my office to discuss potential projects. Some ideas: I'm happy to discuss ideas with you, but you have plenty of freedom to create what you think would be fun.

Design Document

Before you can create your game, you need to know what you are creating. The design document describes exactly what you game will be. Your design document should contain: The class after you turn in your initial design specification, I will meet with each team dscuss changes you may need to make to your specifications to have an acceptable product at the end of the semester. I may encourage your to move some features from basic to stretch, or I may require you to add more features to your basic set of features if I don't think you are being sufficiently ambitious, especially for your team size. You will be graded on how well your final game meets your specifications, so your specification document is important!

Weekly Schedule Updates

Your original design document needs to contain a weekly schedule of what you plan on doing on a week-by-week basis for the remainder of the semester. You are required to turn in every week a revised schedule which contains: Since this is likely the first time you have designed and created your own game, it is perfectly OK (and expected) that you do not hold perfectly to the initial schedule, or even your exact initial design. However, I will expect consistent work on the project throughout the semester, and you should not expect to be able to change your design in the last week of the class to match what you actually got accomplished and expect a good grade.

Required Elements

While you have freedom to do what you would like for your final game, there are some requirements that your game must have.

Other Project Feedback

As with project 2, you are strongly encouraged to play each other's games. Give feedback, and get ideas for what you can do in your own game. In adition to informal feedback you give to other teams, each individual (not each team, but each individual) is requried to give formal feedback to at least one team. This formal feedback will be part of your grade for your project. Your formal feedback needs to include: