Game Engineering
 Spring 2016
Homework 0:  Setup
Complete by Friday, January 29th

You do not need to turn anything in for this assignment, by it is absolutely fundamental to the rest of the class.  Complete it on time!


We will be using Ogre --  an Object-oriented, Graphics Rendering Engine -- for the projects in this course.  For the first "assignment", you will get your environment ready, so you can hit the ground running for the first "real" assignment.  You need to:


We will be building models using Blender. While blender is installed in the labs, if you want to work at home (and trust me, you will!) you should download and install it on your own machine. You will need to

2D Image Creation Program

Download your favorite 2D image creation program. I use gimp, but any 2D image creation/manipulation program is fine.

Visual Studio

I strongly recommend using Visual Studio 2012. It's a very nice IDE, and 2012 is what is in the labs. (2013 / 2014 don't play quite as nicely with the precomipled OGRE SDK, but can be made to work. Unless you have a strong preference for 2013 / 2014, I'd just use 2012.). You can get the free express version, or get the (I believe also free) professional version through the USF website for students.


This is going to take a lot longer than you think it is. Getting everything working will take some time. There will be much frustration as nothing works quite right the first (or second!) time. Allow yourself more time that you think you will need. Then double that. Then perhaps double it again. Getting complex software working correctly is a non-trivial skill, and is one of the learning outcomes for this class.

If you've beaten your head against the wall and aren't getting anywhere, please see me so that I can help out. However, you should spend some time yourself trying to get it to work before you see me.

Since it is the beginning of the semester, and you still should have some time, take a look at some of the tutorials.  You'll thank yourself later!