CS 220 Parallel Computing

Spring 2018

Leveraging parallel architectures such as multi-core CPUs, distributed systems, and GPUs is a key part of building modern, efficient software. This requires an understanding of lower-level systems programming, as well as parallel programming concepts and debugging techniques.

In this course, we’ll focus on learning to program in C, the basics of parallel architectures, parallelism primitives, and performance benchmarking.


Lecture Coordinates

MWF 3:30 – 4:35 pm, HR 148
Q&A, Discussions: Piazza


Matthew Malensek
Office: HR 416
Hours: MF 10-11am, Th 1-2pm
Email: mmalensek@usfca.edu
Phone: (415) 422-4756

Teaching Assistant

Ivy An
Hours: W 1-3pm
Email: ran3@dons.usfca.edu