CS 677 Big Data

Project Retrospective - P1

Provide answers to the following questions and submit a PDF via Canvas. Be sure to answer the questions completely and explain your logic.

  1. Given the same goals, how would you complete the project differently if you didn’t have any restrictions imposed by the instructor? This could involve using a particular library, programming language, etc. Be sure to provide sufficient detail to justify your response.

  2. The system we designed is decentralized, but this comes at a cost. Discuss this trade-off.

  3. Let’s imagine that your next project was to improve and extend P1. What are the features/functionality you would add, use cases you would support, etc? Are there any weaknesses in your current implementation that you would like to improve upon? This should include at least three areas you would improve/extend.

  4. Give a rough estimate of how long you spent completing this assignment. Additionally, what part of the assignment took the most time?

  5. What did you learn from completing this project? Is there anything you would change about the project?