CS 686 Big Data

Research Paper Evaluations

Include the following in your paper evaluations. These should be short (about 1 page, 10pt font, 1-inch margins). Remember that the idea is to think critically about the work: insight is more important than quantity.

Your Name, Paper Title, Paper Authors


A very concise (Twitter style) summary of the work. I won’t check for 140 characters — but aim for a line or so. This is your chance to make a quick, insightful point.


A few lines, in your own words, that discuss the goals of the paper or specific problems that solves. What are aspects of the system/approach that make it unique?

Critical Analysis

This is the main point of the paper evaluation: thinking critically about the work. This should be the majority of your report content. Here are a few ideas for things you may discuss:

You can also propose alternative solutions to the problems being discussed in the paper. Remember, the idea is to provide insight… Do not summarize!


Include three questions you would ask the author, or points you will bring up in the class discussion.

  1. Question/point 1
  2. Question/point 2
  3. Question/point 3


If you used any external references while writing your review, list them here. Representing someone else’s work as your own violates the university honor code.


For these submissions, grading is based on a simplified scale:

Check +100
Check -80

In some cases, I may assign an in-between or lower grade depending on performance.


Submit your write-up in PDF format via canvas. In general, write-ups will be due on Thursdays to help you prepare for discussion on Friday.