University of San Francisco

ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest

Pacific Northwest Region

Northern California Site

November 15, 2014

The 2014 Pacific NW Regional ACM Programming Contest, Northern California Site, will be held at the University of San Francisco on November 15, 2014. We hope that this page contains all of the information necessary for teams that wish to participate in the competition.

Detailed instructions for registration are at the Pacific Northwest Region Site of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest.


Saturday, November 15th


If you want to stay the night, there are several hotels and B & B's close to campus:

Location and Parking

The University of San Francisco is located near the northeast corner of Golden Gate Park at the corner of Golden Gate Avenue and Parker St.

The Contest will be held in Harney Science Center (HR) and Lo Schiavo Center for Science and Innovation (LSCSI). Harney faces onto Golden Gate Avenue at the corner of Chabot Terrace. Lo Schiavo is adjacent to, and immediately south of, Harney.

There are several parking lots on campus: see the Campus map for locations. However, there are a number of events going on on campus on November 15. So it may be difficult to find on-campus parking. Street parking near campus is unrestricted on Saturdays. So this may be a better option.