Department of Computer Science University of San Francisco

Computer Science 625-01
Parallel and Distributed Computing
Spring 2011

MWF 11:45-12:50, LS 307

Professor: Peter Pacheco
Office: Harney 540
Phone: 422-6630
Email: user: peter, domain:
Office Hours: M 4-5:30, F 1-2, and by appointment

Course Syllabus (Here's a PDF Version.)

Programming Assignments

  1. Programming assignment 1. Also see the Guide to using the penguin cluster and the GET_TIME macro. Note that the due date has been changed to Friday, February 7.
  2. Programming assignment 2. Note that the due date has been changed to Wednesday, February 26. The test input and output are in this directory.
  3. Programming assignment 3. Note that the due date has been changed to Monday, March 24. The test input is in this directory.
  4. Programming assignment 4. Note that the due date has been changed to Monday, April 14. The test data and output is in this directory
  5. A list of possible projects for programming assignment 5

    The speakers will be

Seminar Papers

  1. Leslie Valiant, "A Bridging Model for Parallel Computation", Communications of the ACM, Vol 33, No 8, Aug 1990, pp 103-111. Jan 31. Roderick Lisam is presenting.
  2. William Gropp, "Changing How Programmers Think About Parallel Computation", July, 2013, Feb 7. Robin Kalia is presenting.
  3. Michael Heroux and Jack Dongarra, "Toward a New Metric for Ranking High Performance Computing Systems", UTK EECS Tech Report, June 2013. Feb 14. Hao Chen is presenting.
  4. Wesley Bland, Aurelien Bouteiller, Thomas Herault, George Bosilca and Jack Dongarra, "Post-failure recovery of MPI communication capability: Design and rationale", International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications, vol 27, no 3, pp. 244-254, Fall 2013. Feb 21. Pirakorn Iam Charernying is presenting.
  5. David Culler, et al, "LogP: A Practical Model of Parallel Computation", Communications of the ACM, vol 39, no 11, pp 78-85, 1996. Feb 28. Xiaoou Li is presenting.
  6. Guy Blelloch, "Prefix Sums and Their Applications", in John H. Reif, ed., Synthesis of Parallel Algorithms, Morgan Kaufmann, 1991. (The presentation will cover pp. 35-47 of the paper.) Mar 7. Dustin Chesterman is presenting.
  7. Sarita Adve and Hans-J Boehm, "Memory Models: a Case for Rethinking Parallel Languages and Hardware", Communications of the ACM, vol 53, no 8, pp. 90-101, 2010. Mar 28. Guangzhi Li is presenting.
  8. James Larus and Christos Kozyrakis, "Transactional Memory", Communications of the ACM, vol 51, no 7, pp. 80-88, 2008 Apr 4. Minglu Ma is presenting.
  9. K. Kandalla, et al, "Designing Optimized MPI Broadcast and Allreduce for Many Integrated Core (MIC) Infiniband Clusters", Proc of 2013 IEEE 21st Annual Symposium on High-Performance Interconnects, pp. 63-70, 2013. Apr 11. Vincent Zhang is presenting.
  10. Junfeng Yang, et al, "Making Parallel Programs Reliable with Stable Multithreading", Communications of the ACM, vol 57, no 3, pp. 58-69, 2014. Apr 25. Bin Lu is presenting.
  11. Bradford Chamberlain, "Graph Partitioning Algorithms for Distributing Workloads of Parallel Computations", University of Washington Technical Report UW-CSE-98-10-03, October 1998. May 2. Joseph Tanigawa is presenting.

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