Patricia Francis-Lyon
Assistant Professor
Health Informatics
University of San Francisco
Email: pafrancislyon (at) usfca (dot) edu
Office: CO 203
Phone: 415-422-2810


Recent advances in biotechnology and health informatics have resulted in an explosion of data from DNA, RNA and protein sequencing, electronic health records (EHR) and wearable devices. Computational approaches are needed to address problems such as the interrelationships between sequence, structure and function in genomic and proteomic data. Machine learning approaches can analyze data for predictive purposes, linking genetic mutations, health and demographic information to disease susceptibility. This can aid in prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of disease.

I'm interested in the application of computational biology, algorithms and mathematical models to problems in genomics, proteomics and health. My recent research applies machine learning models to the prediction of disease susceptibility.


CS 640, HS 630 : Bioinformatics

HS 608 : Computer Science for Health Informatics Professionals

HS 650 : Capstone Project in Health Informatics

HS 616 : Statistical Computing for Biomedical Data Analytics

HS 617 : Projects in Statistical Computing for Biomedical Data Analytics

HS 622 : Mobile Health Applications Design and Development

MSAN 631-03 : Bioinformatics

CS 642 : Bioinformatics Research

CS 110 : Introduction to Computer Science

CS 385 : Special Lecture Series in Computer Science (SLS/CS)


Red Skin Syndrome (RSS): Exploring the Syndrome, Its Symptoms, Severity & Duration
A talk and poster presentation to the American Academy of Dermatology March 2017 annual meeting
in collaboration with UCSF and ITSAN

GALNS Mutations Database
A joint project with the Mooney lab of the Buck Institute

Fall 2010 CS Bioinformatics Lecture Series at USF