CS 486 • Fall 2010

Extra Credit Showcase

The students were given the opportunity to rework the information graphic "How The World Feels About Green Brands" for extra credit. They were allowed to use any tool or language. Here are some examples of their work (in alphabetic order):

Kai Chen [home] [view full size*]
*Note this is a static snapshot of an interactive Processing sketch.

Qian He [home] [view full size*]
*Note this is only a couple images from the entire visualization.

Simao Liu [home] [view full size*]
*Note this is only part of the entire image. Click to see the entire visualization.

Chao Ren [home] [view full size]

XiaoXiang Ren [home] [view full size]

Yumeng Sun [home] [view full size*]
*Note this is an Many Eyes visualization. Click here to view online.

Rodrigo Thauby [home] [view full size]

Ludan Zhang [home] [view full image]