Kannan Srinivasan

Kannan Srinivasan is a PhD Candidate from the Stanford Information Networks Group (SING) led by Prof. Philip Levis in Stanford University. His current research interests are in low power wireless link behavior and its implications to higher layer protocols. He has over 17 publications including peer-reviewed conference papers and a journal paper. Prior to coming to Stanford, he worked for the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) as a Research Officer for 3 years. He won the Oklahoma State University Presidential Award for academic excellence during his Masters degree and was awarded a 1-year Fellowship by the Department of Electrical Engineering in Stanford University to pursue his PhD degree.

Maria Kazandjieva

Maria Kazandjieva is a PhD student at Stanford University's Computer Science Department. Her research interests include low-power wireless devices and networks, as well as "green" computing. Recently, she has worked on characterizing wireless link quality and its impact on TCP performance. Last summer, Maria worked on deploying a network of sensor motes to track power usage across a variety of computing devices - desktops, laptops, routers, etc. Understanding where and how much of power goes into networked devices will drive the design and implementation of environmentally responsible protocols and applications.

Before Stanford, Maria worked at Princeton University as a research assistant. She holds a BA from Mount Holyoke College with major in Computer Science and minor in Mathematics.

In her free time, Maria researches new music and keeps up with the art life in the Bay Area. She is also a member of the World Wildlife Fund and loves spending time learning about and interacting with animals.

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