Syllabus - CS690

Computer Science 690
Master's Project
Fall 2006

Course Information

Class Meets: Tuesday Thursday 3:30pm-5:15pm
Class Location: MH 123
Web Page:

Instructor Information

Instructor: Sami Rollins
Office: HR 529
Office Hours: (tentative) Tuesday 2pm-3pm, Wednesday 4pm-5pm, and by appointment.


CS 690 and Regular status.

Course Objectives

Required Texts


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Grading Information

Grades will be distributed as follows:

Specification Document: 10%
Web Page and Status Review 1: 10%
Midterm Presentation and Progress: 15%
Web Page and Status Review 2: 10%
Final Presentation, Documentation, and Deliverables: 55%

Sami Rollins