Module java.base

Class XECPublicKeySpec

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class XECPublicKeySpec extends Object implements KeySpec
A class representing elliptic curve public keys as defined in RFC 7748, including the curve and other algorithm parameters. The public key is a particular point on the curve, which is represented using only its u-coordinate. A u-coordinate is an element of the field of integers modulo some value that is determined by the algorithm parameters. This field element is represented by a BigInteger which may hold any value. That is, the BigInteger is not restricted to the range of canonical field elements.
  • Constructor Details

    • XECPublicKeySpec

      public XECPublicKeySpec(AlgorithmParameterSpec params, BigInteger u)
      Construct a public key spec using the supplied parameters and u coordinate.
      params - the algorithm parameters
      u - the u-coordinate of the point, represented using a BigInteger which may hold any value
      NullPointerException - if params or u is null.
  • Method Details

    • getParams

      public AlgorithmParameterSpec getParams()
      Get the algorithm parameters that define the curve and other settings.
      the parameters
    • getU

      public BigInteger getU()
      Get the u coordinate of the point.
      the u-coordinate, represented using a BigInteger which may hold any value