Class SimpleAnnotationValueVisitor8<R,P>

Type Parameters:
R - the return type of this visitor's methods
P - the type of the additional parameter to this visitor's methods.
All Implemented Interfaces:
Direct Known Subclasses:

@SupportedSourceVersion(RELEASE_8) public class SimpleAnnotationValueVisitor8<R,P> extends SimpleAnnotationValueVisitor7<R,P>
A simple visitor for annotation values with default behavior appropriate for the RELEASE_8 source version. Visit methods call defaultAction passing their arguments to defaultAction's corresponding parameters.
API Note:
Methods in this class may be overridden subject to their general contract.
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  • Constructor Details

    • SimpleAnnotationValueVisitor8

      protected SimpleAnnotationValueVisitor8()
      Constructor for concrete subclasses; uses null for the default value.
    • SimpleAnnotationValueVisitor8

      protected SimpleAnnotationValueVisitor8(R defaultValue)
      Constructor for concrete subclasses; uses the argument for the default value.
      defaultValue - the value to assign to SimpleAnnotationValueVisitor6.DEFAULT_VALUE