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public interface CompilationMXBean extends PlatformManagedObject
The management interface for the compilation system of the Java virtual machine.

A Java virtual machine has a single instance of the implementation class of this interface. This instance implementing this interface is an MXBean that can be obtained by calling the ManagementFactory.getCompilationMXBean() method or from the platform MBeanServer method.

The ObjectName for uniquely identifying the MXBean for the compilation system within an MBeanServer is:

It can be obtained by calling the PlatformManagedObject.getObjectName() method.
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  • Method Details

    • getName

      String getName()
      Returns the name of the Just-in-time (JIT) compiler.
      the name of the JIT compiler.
    • isCompilationTimeMonitoringSupported

      boolean isCompilationTimeMonitoringSupported()
      Tests if the Java virtual machine supports the monitoring of compilation time.
      true if the monitoring of compilation time is supported; false otherwise.
    • getTotalCompilationTime

      long getTotalCompilationTime()
      Returns the approximate accumulated elapsed time (in milliseconds) spent in compilation. If multiple threads are used for compilation, this value is summation of the approximate time that each thread spent in compilation.

      This method is optionally supported by the platform. A Java virtual machine implementation may not support the compilation time monitoring. The isCompilationTimeMonitoringSupported() method can be used to determine if the Java virtual machine supports this operation.

      This value does not indicate the level of performance of the Java virtual machine and is not intended for performance comparisons of different virtual machine implementations. The implementations may have different definitions and different measurements of the compilation time.

      Compilation time in milliseconds
      UnsupportedOperationException - if the Java virtual machine does not support this operation.