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Interface CaseLabelTree

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AnnotatedTypeTree, AnnotationTree, ArrayAccessTree, AssignmentTree, BinaryTree, BindingPatternTree, CompoundAssignmentTree, ConditionalExpressionTree, DefaultCaseLabelTreePREVIEW, ErroneousTree, ExpressionTree, GuardedPatternTreePREVIEW, IdentifierTree, InstanceOfTree, LambdaExpressionTree, LiteralTree, MemberReferenceTree, MemberSelectTree, MethodInvocationTree, NewArrayTree, NewClassTree, ParenthesizedPatternTreePREVIEW, ParenthesizedTree, PatternTreePREVIEW, SwitchExpressionTree, TypeCastTree, UnaryTree

public interface CaseLabelTree extends Tree
CaseLabelTree is a reflective preview API of the Java platform.
Preview features may be removed in a future release, or upgraded to permanent features of the Java platform.
A marker interface for Trees that may be used as CaseTree labels.
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