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Interface Tree

All Known Subinterfaces:
AnnotatedTypeTree, AnnotationTree, ArrayAccessTree, ArrayTypeTree, AssertTree, AssignmentTree, BinaryTree, BindingPatternTree, BlockTree, BreakTree, CaseLabelTreePREVIEW, CaseTree, CatchTree, ClassTree, CompilationUnitTree, CompoundAssignmentTree, ConditionalExpressionTree, ContinueTree, DefaultCaseLabelTreePREVIEW, DirectiveTree, DoWhileLoopTree, EmptyStatementTree, EnhancedForLoopTree, ErroneousTree, ExportsTree, ExpressionStatementTree, ExpressionTree, ForLoopTree, GuardedPatternTreePREVIEW, IdentifierTree, IfTree, ImportTree, InstanceOfTree, IntersectionTypeTree, LabeledStatementTree, LambdaExpressionTree, LiteralTree, MemberReferenceTree, MemberSelectTree, MethodInvocationTree, MethodTree, ModifiersTree, ModuleTree, NewArrayTree, NewClassTree, OpensTree, PackageTree, ParameterizedTypeTree, ParenthesizedPatternTreePREVIEW, ParenthesizedTree, PatternTreePREVIEW, PrimitiveTypeTree, ProvidesTree, RequiresTree, ReturnTree, StatementTree, SwitchExpressionTree, SwitchTree, SynchronizedTree, ThrowTree, TryTree, TypeCastTree, TypeParameterTree, UnaryTree, UnionTypeTree, UsesTree, VariableTree, WhileLoopTree, WildcardTree, YieldTree

public interface Tree
Common interface for all nodes in an abstract syntax tree.

WARNING: This interface and its sub-interfaces are subject to change as the Java programming language evolves. These interfaces are implemented by the JDK Java compiler (javac) and should not be implemented either directly or indirectly by other applications.

  • Nested Class Summary

    Nested Classes
    Modifier and Type
    static enum 
    Enumerates all kinds of trees.
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    <R, D> R
    accept(TreeVisitor<R,D> visitor, D data)
    Accept method used to implement the visitor pattern.
    Returns the kind of this tree.
  • Method Details

    • getKind

      Tree.Kind getKind()
      Returns the kind of this tree.
      the kind of this tree
    • accept

      <R, D> R accept(TreeVisitor<R,D> visitor, D data)
      Accept method used to implement the visitor pattern. The visitor pattern is used to implement operations on trees.
      Type Parameters:
      R - the result type of this operation
      D - the type of additional data
      visitor - the visitor to be called
      data - a value to be passed to the visitor
      the result returned from calling the visitor