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Interface EventQueue

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public interface EventQueue extends Mirror
Manager of incoming debugger events for a target VM. Events are always grouped in EventSets. EventSets generated by the debugger back end can be read here. There is one instance of EventQueue assigned to a particular VirtualMachine.

Some events cause the suspension of the target VM - event requests (com.sun.jdi.request) with a suspend policy of SUSPEND_ALL or SUSPEND_EVENT_THREAD and sometimes VMStartEvent. If these suspensions are not resumed the target VM will hang. Thus, it is always good policy to remove() every EventSet from the event queue until an EventSet containing a VMDisconnectEvent is read. Unless resume is being handled in another way, each EventSet should invoke EventSet.resume().

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  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    Waits forever for the next available event.
    remove(long timeout)
    Waits a specified time for the next available event.

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