Module jdk.jshell

Interface ExecutionEnv

public interface ExecutionEnv
Functionality made available to a pluggable JShell execution engine. It is provided to the execution engine by the core JShell implementation.

This interface is designed to provide the access to core JShell functionality needed to implement ExecutionControl.

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  • Method Details

    • userIn

      InputStream userIn()
      Returns the user's input stream.
      the user's input stream
    • userOut

      PrintStream userOut()
      Returns the user's output stream.
      the user's output stream
    • userErr

      PrintStream userErr()
      Returns the user's error stream.
      the user's error stream
    • extraRemoteVMOptions

      List<String> extraRemoteVMOptions()
      Returns the additional VM options to be used when launching the remote JVM. This is advice to the execution engine.

      Note: an execution engine need not launch a remote JVM.

      the additional options with which to launch the remote JVM
    • closeDown

      void closeDown()
      Reports that the execution engine has shutdown.