Castro / Karney Research Group Members & Alumni

2022 Summer: Left to right: Ishika Jain, Joscelyn Huynh, Leo Sosa (top), Josh Balbach, Elli Carson, Kalii Caldwell.

2021 Summer: Left to right: Mariana Jimenez, William Karney, Joscelyn Huynh, Justin Wong, Elli Carson.

2021 Spring: (clockwise from upper left) Angela Castile-Krasuski, Tyler Raaymakers, William Karney, Mikail Alejandro, Mariana Jimenez.

2020: (clockwise from upper left) Angela Castile-Krasuski, William Karney, Tyler Raaymakers, Mariana Jimenez.

2018-2019: (left to right) William Karney, Philip Lampkin, Jonathan Shezaf.

Summer 2017: (left to right) Cameron Michel, Jonathan Shezaf, Philip Lampkin, Justin Azar, Jessica Arbitman.

Summer 2016: (left to right) Simon Luo, Ioannina Castano, Jessica Arbitman, Cameron Michel, Gail Vinnacombe.

Summer 2014: (left to right) Claire Castro, Gail Vinnacombe, Bryan Fregoso, Eva Brayfindley, William Karney, and Simon Luo

Student Profiles

Leo Sosa

Joshua Balbach

Ishika Jain '24

Kalii Caldwell '23

Elli Carson '23

Joscelyn Huynh '23

Justin Wong '23

Mariana Jimenez '21

Quality Control Chemist, PolyPeptide Group.

Mikail Alejandro '22

Angela Castile-Krasuski '21

Assistant Data Analyst, Weill Cornell Medicine.

Tyler Raaymakers '21

Philip Lampkin '19

Chemistry Ph.D. program at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Sam Gellman's group.

Jonathan Shezaf '19

Chemistry Ph.D. program at the University of Texas, Austin, Michael Krische's group.

Justin Azar '19

Jessica Arbitman '18

Associate Scientist, Willow Biosciences.

Cameron Michel '18

Engineering Technician, QRSE, Honolulu.

Ioannina Castano '16

Ph.D. in Chemistry 2022, Northwestern University, Gianneschi and Dichtel groups. Engineer at Intel.

Simon Luo '16

Ph.D. in Chemistry 2021, UC Irvine, Shane Ardo's group. Engineer, Intel Corp.

Gail Vinnacombe '16

Ph.D. in Chemistry 2022, UCLA, Paul S. Weiss's group. Postdoc at CIC biomaGUNE, Spain.

Bryan Fregoso '15

M.D. from University at Buffalo, Jacobs School of Medicine. Physician.

Eva Brayfindley '14

Ph.D. in Applied Math 2019, North Carolina State University, Ralph Smith's group. Associate Data Evaluation Officer, International Atomic Energy Agency.

Erica Irace '14

Analytical Scientist, AMPAC Analytical

Jordan Nelson '14

Ph.D. in Chemistry 2019, Northwestern University, Michael Wasielewski's group.

Michael Pastor '13

Ph.D. in Chemistry 2018, University of the Pacific, Qinliang Zhao's group. LC-MS Product Support Engineer, Agilent Technologies

Ariel Kuhn '13

Ph.D. in Chemistry 2021, University of California, Santa Cruz, Jevgenij Raskatov's group. Postdoc at University of Wisconsin, Madison, Sam Gellman's group.

Mitchell Santander '12

Ph.D. in Chemistry 2022, University of California, San Diego, Kimberly Prather's group.

Lawrence Januar '10

M.Sc. in Chemistry 2013, University of California, San Diego, Tadeusz Molinski's group. Process Scientist at Eurofins PSS.

Vivian Huynh '11

Taylor Wood '11

Field Service Engineer, Anton Paar USA.

Alyse Gothot '10

M.Sc. in Pharmacy, 2015, University of Florida. Development Technologist, Cleveland Clinic.

Phuong Nguyen '09

Tobie Okoronkwo '08

M.D. 2013 from New York Medical College.


Elizabeth Noey '08

Ph.D. in Chemistry, 2015, University of California, Los Angeles, Ken Houk's group. Senior Scientist, Molecular Modeling at AbbVie.

Miles Braten '08

Ph.D. in Chemistry 2015, University of Washington, Jim Mayer's group. Postdoc at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Brett Helms' group.

Gertrude Gutierrez '08

Ph.D. in Materials Science 2016, University of Southern California, Noah Malmstadt's group. Associate Director at Applied Molecular Transport.

Joseph Moll '07

Ph.D. in Chemistry, 2012, Columbia University, Sanat Kumar's group.

Colleen McShane '06

Ph.D. in Chemistry, 2011, Purdue University, Kyoung-Shin Choi's group. R&D Chemist, Fuchs Lubricants Co.

Ryan Pemberton '06

Ph.D in Chemistry, 2015, University of California, Davis, Dean Tantillo's group. Postdoc at University of California, San Francisco, Matt Jacobson's group. Senior Scientist, Nurix Therapeutics.

Miguel Valencia '05

M.D. from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. Physician.

Catherine Vu '04

Masters in Library and Information Science, 2010, San Jose State University. Associate Professor, Research and Instruction Librarian, University of La Verne.

Stephen Burkhardt '04

Ph.D. in Chemistry, 2012, Cornell University, Héctor Abruña's group. Senior Research Scientist at Dupont.

Arafa Lugembe '04

Senior Chemist at BioScreen Testing Services.

Christine Isborn '01

Ph.D. in Chemistry, 2010, University of Washington, Xiaosong Li's group. Postdoc at Stanford University, with Todd Martinez. Associate Professor at University of California, Merced.

Todd Markle '00

Ph.D. in Chemistry, 2009, University of Washington, Jim Mayer's group. Postdoc at Uppsala University, with Leif Hammarstrom. Postdoc at Yale University, with Jim Mayer. R&D Chemist, Cytiva.