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Course Information

The main course website is located at At that website, you can find essential information such as the course syllabus, required textbook, and upcoming homework sets.


Lectures are held every Tuesday and Thursday from 1:40pm - 3:00pm in 212 Veihmeyer. Discussion sections are held every Wednesday from 3:10pm - 4:00pm in 212 Veihmeyer.


Grades will be posted on the course website.


There are two newsgroups for this class. The official newsgroup is ucd.class.ecs120. The discussion newsgroup is ucd.class.ecs120.d. Please post any homework related questions on the discussion newsgroup.

For general information on reading and accessing UCD newsgroups visit You can also use the following links to access the newsgroups over the web. Just use your UCD username and password when prompted.

Course Textbook

Introduction to the Theory of Computation
by Michael Sipser
Second Edition

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