Grading and Homework Information

Homework Handin

I will be grading everyone's homework for this class. It is my goal to return your graded homework within a week. There are some things you can do to help make this possible:

  • WRITE LEGIBLY OR TYPE your answers. If I am unable to read your homework, I will not be able to give you any credit for it.

  • INCLUDE YOUR NAME clearly on your homework, along with the last four digits of your student ID number.

  • STAPLE together all pages of your homework. Loose pages get lost easily!

  • CLEARLY MARK which problem you are providing an answer for. Do not make me guess which problem you are answering!

  • INCLUDE YOUR WORK for each problem. I do award partial credit, but this does not mean you should provide multiple answers and hope one is correct. Include a single answer, and your work detailing how you arrived at that answer.

You can pick up your graded homework from Professor Filkov at the start of class. Grades will be posted on Homework solutions are posted on the main course website.

Typing Homework

If you want to type your ECS120 homework, I recommend using LaTeX. There tends to be too much mathematical notation for Microsoft Word to handle elegantly.

Professor Matloff has an excellent LaTeX tutorial site to help get you started. Alternatively, you could check out the LaTeX Wiki Book. Also, I have created a simple LaTeX template for homework 1, which can be modified for use for any of the future homework assignments.

Keep in mind you do not have to type your homework. Do whatever works best for you, as long as I can still read it!

Getting Homework Help

There are numerous ways to get help on your homework:

  1. Discussion. I will use discussion to give you homework hints and answer last minute homework questions. This will be your best homework resource. Please make sure to have already started on your homework by discussion!

  2. Office Hours. My office hours will be a great way to get some last minute homework questions answered. However, I will answer only one question per person at a time, since office hours tend to be very busy.

  3. Newsgroups. There are two newsgroups for this class. Please use the discussion newsgroup for all other homework questions. Both myself and Professor Filkov will be monitoring these newsgroups.

  4. Email. Please do not send homework questions over email. Please use discussion, office hours, or the newsgroups for homework questions.

It is important to start homework EARLY. While there are only a handful of questions on the homework, each one takes considerable time to complete. If you wait until office hours or discussion to start the homework, you will run out of time!