Final Project

Your final project is your chance to build and test an in-depth application of Affective Computing. You can pick any topic and software and/or hardware of your choice, you just have to link it to Affective Computing. In the first half of the semester, you have experienced a breadth of application areas and software/hardware. It is now your turn to pick an area and application method that you are interested in. You may work in pairs or on your own. Work carried out in pairs will need to be substantially more involved/complex and you will need to identify who wrote which parts of the code.

You can use Affectiva, Android, Unity, Empatica, Virtual Agents or any other application method.

After you build your system, you will be required to test it on 3-5 users (this low number could be considered as a pilot study).

Think about the following two things:

  1. What application areas are you interested in? E.g., learning, therapeutic, social justice, games
  2. What application methods are you interested in? E.g., Android, Unity, Affectiva, Empatica, Virtual Agents

You will need to test your system on 3-5 users and analyze your results. You will therefore need to think about what you are testing and how you will test it. We will cover how to carry out user studies later in the semester. But please come and talk to me if you have questions about what variables/conditions you need to test your system on/with.

You have a series of five milestones (see table below).

These dates are subject to change. All assignments are due at 11:59pm on the due date.
DescriptionDue DatePoints
FP1: Project ProspectusMonday March 5 201855
FP2: Mid-Progress Code Review and Demo In class April 10 and April 12 2018 200
FP3: Pilot Study and ReportIn Class April 26 and Report Due In May 4 2018 100
FP4: Final Presentation In class May 8 2018100
FP5: Project Submission Friday May 11th 2018400

Late policy: Assignments submitted late will be penalized 20 percent (of the possible points) per day for two days, with no credit thereafter.

Final Project Examples Spring 2017