Module jdk.jdi

Interface ThreadStartEvent

All Superinterfaces:
Event, Mirror

public interface ThreadStartEvent extends Event
Notification of a new running thread in the target VM. The new thread can be the result of a call to Thread.start() or the result of attaching a new thread to the VM though JNI. The notification is generated by the new thread some time before its execution starts. Because of this timing, it is possible to receive other events for the thread before this event is received. (Notably, MethodEntryEvents and MethodExitEvents might occur during thread initialization.) It is also possible for VirtualMachine.allThreads() to return a new started thread before this event is received.

Note that this event gives no information about the creation of the thread object which may have happened much earlier, depending on the VM being debugged.

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      ThreadReference thread()
      Returns the thread which has started.
      a ThreadReference which mirrors the event's thread in the target VM.