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Interface Event

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AccessWatchpointEvent, BreakpointEvent, ClassPrepareEvent, ClassUnloadEvent, ExceptionEvent, LocatableEvent, MethodEntryEvent, MethodExitEvent, ModificationWatchpointEvent, MonitorContendedEnteredEvent, MonitorContendedEnterEvent, MonitorWaitedEvent, MonitorWaitEvent, StepEvent, ThreadDeathEvent, ThreadStartEvent, VMDeathEvent, VMDisconnectEvent, VMStartEvent, WatchpointEvent

public interface Event extends Mirror
An occurrence in a target VM that is of interest to a debugger. Event is the common superinterface for all events (examples include BreakpointEvent, ExceptionEvent, ClassPrepareEvent). When an event occurs, an instance of Event as a component of an EventSet is enqueued in the VirtualMachine's EventQueue.
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    • request

      EventRequest request()
      The EventRequest that requested this event. Some events (eg. VMDeathEvent) may not have a cooresponding request and thus will return null.