Module jdk.jdi

Interface WatchpointEvent

All Superinterfaces:
Event, Locatable, LocatableEvent, Mirror
All Known Subinterfaces:
AccessWatchpointEvent, ModificationWatchpointEvent

public interface WatchpointEvent extends LocatableEvent
Notification of a field triggered event encountered by a thread in the target VM.
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  • Method Details

    • field

      Field field()
      Returns the field that is about to be accessed/modified.
      a Field which mirrors the field in the target VM.
      ObjectCollectedException - may be thrown if class has been garbage collected.
    • object

      ObjectReference object()
      Returns the object whose field is about to be accessed/modified. Return null is the access is to a static field.
      a ObjectReference which mirrors the event's object in the target VM.
    • valueCurrent

      Value valueCurrent()
      Current value of the field.
      ObjectCollectedException - if object or class have been garbage collected.