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General Information

Homework Handin Procedure

All homework must be submitted via handin from your CS account. Specific handin information is provided with each homework assignment. However, the general process is given below:

  1. If necessary, transfer all homework files to your CS account (see 'Resources').
  2. Login to your CS account.
  3. Compress all required homework files.
  4. Use handin to submit compressed homework files.

To compress your homework files, use the command:

tar czvf homework<#>.tar.gz <file_list>

To handin your homework files, use the command:

handin cs150 hw<#> homework<#>.tar.gz

To check what files you have already submitted, use the command:

handin cs150 hw<#>

where <#> is the homework number, and <file_list> is the space-delimited list of files you are compressing. Below is an example of this process:

Important Links

The main course website is located at:

There are two sections of ECS150 being offered this quarter. Thus, there are two sections of newsgroups. Please try to use the section 1 newsgroups if possible. The newsgroup names are below, along with links that will allow you to access the newsgroups via a web-based news reader.

Section 1 newsgroups Section 2 newsgroups
  • class.ecs150-001 (view)
  • class.ecs150-001.d (view)
  • class.ecs150-002 (view)
  • class.ecs150-002.d (view)
The class.ecs150-001 and class.ecs150-002 newsgroups are for the TAs and Instructor to post important announcements. The class.ecs150-001.d and class.ecs150-002.d newsgroups are for the students to post questions and comments concerning the coursework or homework.

TA Contact Information

If you have questions or comments regarding this site, please contact one of the TAs below:

TA Office Hours

Office hours are held at Kemper Hall in the TA Room (room 53). You can find a map of the Kemper Hall basement (complete with the TA Room and CSIF labs) at

Eric Bergstrom S. J. Engle
1:00pm - 3:00pm on Tuesdays 4:30pm - 5:30pm on Wednesdays and Fridays

Discussion Sections

There are two discussion sections this quarter (listed below). The two TAs will switch weeks giving discussion sections. For example, suppose Eric is giving discussion sections this week. Then next week, Sophie will give the discussion sections.

Discussion Section 'A' Discussion Section 'B'
5:10pm - 6:00pm
Chemistry 176
8:00am - 8:50am
Wellman 202