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Final Information

Final Exam

The final will be Friday, March 19th from 7:00pm - 9:00pm in room 206 of Olson Hall. It is worth 35% of the final grade. Expect around 6 questions.

Review Session

There will be a final review session. Details below:

Date: Wednesday, March 17th
Time: 6:10pm - 7:30pm
Location: 216 Wellman


Homework 3 will be a good study reference for the final exam. There will not be any questions on low level synchronization. Here is a list of topics that may be covered:
  • Semaphores. May have question like Jurassic Park question from homework, except more specific and including hints. Binary and general semaphores.
  • Monitors. May have to write monitor solution for some problem, given skeleton code. Condition variables, local variables, procedures.
  • Paging. Size of page table, etc.
  • Segmentation. Segmentation table. Translate addresses. Understand where segment located in main memory.
  • Segmentation + Paging. Page the segment table.
  • Demand Paging. Page replacement algorithms. Page reference strings. May have to derive page reference string based on algorithm, and give number of page faults.
  • File System. Book pages 453-470. What is a file? Directory? File storage on disks. Inodes, buffer cache, security, backup.

Always explain your answer!