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Discussion Sections

General Information

There are two discussion sections this quarter, both lead by the TA (S. J. Engle). Both sections will cover the same material.

Section 1:
06:10pm - 07:00pm
Chemistry 166
  Section 2:
09:00am - 09:50am
Roessler 55


14/16 Jan 2004: Introduction. Files, directories, and permissions. System calls open, close, read, write, lseek, link, unlink, mount, chmod, chown. printfile.c example
21/23 Jan 2004: Example using pipe. Installing & using Bochs/Minix. Note: No discussion Friday! See the "Using Minix" and "Help/FAQ" sections for material covered during Wednesday's discussion section. slides pipe.c example
28/30 Jan 2004: Process scheduling. Terminology. Algorithms: Shortest Job First and exponential averaging, Highest Response Ratio Next, Selfish Round Robin, Multilevel Feedback Queues. Evaluation: Little's Law. slides
04/06 Feb 2004: Interrupt and System Call kernel code in Minix. slides | at_wini.c snippet | mpx386.s snippet | proc.c snippet | driver.c snippet | wini.c snippet
11/13 Feb 2004: Deadlocks. Banker's Algorithm. Dining Philosophers. slides
18/20 Feb 2004: More Spaghetti! (i.e. Dining Philosophers...) Semaphores & Monitors. slides | semaphore & monitor code
25/27 Feb 2004: Clock task, Driver task.
03/05 Mar 2004: Minix Memory Manager (MM). notes
10/12 Mar 2004: Minix File Server (FS).