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Programming Assignments (Labs)

Programming Assignments

All programming assignments are due by 4:59pm on the date listed.

Due Date  Assignment   Interactive Grading  Notes
 Feb 02 2004  Lab 1 Feb 05th - Feb 10th (click for notes)
Mar 01 2004 Lab 2 Mar 01st - Mar 05th (click for notes)
Mar 16 2004 Lab 3 Mar 16th - Mar 18th (click for notes)

General Information

The programming assignments (labs) are worth 30% of your grade. There will be 3-4 programming assignments total, and may be done individually (not recommended) or in groups of two. If you choose to work with a partner, plan on working with him/her for the rest of the quarter.

All programming assignments will involve modifications to the MINIX operating system. More information on how to setup Minix (and Bochs) can be found in the "Using Minix" section.

Interactive Grading

Please see lab notes for interactive grading specifics.

All programming assignments must be demonstrated to the TA (S. J. Engle). If you worked with someone else, both of you are expected to be present for the demonstration.

Interactive grading is held on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. See each individual lab section for exact grading dates.

The day of the week and time slot you originally signed up for will remain constant for the rest of the quarter. For example, if you signed up for slot 10 you will always have interactive grading on Fridays at 2:45pm. To see which interactive grading slot you are signed up for, click here.

Note: Please sign up for an interactive grading time slot by Thursday, Jan 29th. Signup sheets are located outside room 53 in Kemper Hall.

When you show up for interactive grading (please do not be late), you will demonstrate your programs on my laptop. I will already have your virtual floppy image loaded. All programs must compile and run under Minix.

Handin Procedure

See lab notes (above) for handin procedure.