ECS20 TA Website

Office Hours

I will have office hours every Wednesday from 11:30am - 1:30pm in Kemper Hall room 3104 (updated).

Room 3104 is on the third floor of Kemper Hall, through a door which leads to a small set of offices. Check the maps posted throughout the floor if you trouble finding it.


There are two newsgroups for this class:

The official newsgroup is ucd.class.ecs120. However, I will only be checking the discussion newsgroup ucd.class.ecs120.d. Please post any homework related questions on the discussion newsgroup, and feel free to respond to other student's questions. However, do not post homework answers or I'll get upset!

For general information on reading and accessing UCD newsgroups visit You can also use the following links to access the newsgroups over the web. Just use your UCD username and password when prompted.


Please bring homework questions to my office hours, discussion, or the newsgroups first!

My email is sjengle «at» I will respond within a couple days (usually faster).