ECS20 TA Website

Homework Information

Homework is posted on the main course website. Homework will be due on Wednesdays by 4:00pm in the ECS20 homework box. The homework box is located on the second floor of Kemper Hall in room 2131. Just look for the box labeled "ECS 20 Steinberger" at the back of the room.

Submission Guidelines

Here are some general guidelines you must follow when turning in homework:

I will do my best to grade efficiently and fairly. Make sure you do your best to turn in something I can grade!

Grading Information

I'll be grading your homework (but not the midterm or final exam). Homework is worth 30% of your final grade. Grades will be posted on You can pick up your graded homework at the following discussion section.

Correct answers will be awarded full points. Partial credit is only awarded to students that show work. I will not accept late homework.