Module jdk.jdi

Interface ClassPrepareEvent

All Superinterfaces:
Event, Mirror

public interface ClassPrepareEvent extends Event
Notification of a class prepare in the target VM. See the JVM specification for a definition of class preparation. Class prepare events are not generated for primitive classes (for example, java.lang.Integer.TYPE).
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    • thread

      ThreadReference thread()
      Returns the thread in which this event has occurred.

      In rare cases, this event may occur in a debugger system thread within the target VM. Debugger threads take precautions to prevent these events, but they cannot be avoided under some conditions, especially for some subclasses of Error. If the event was generated by a debugger system thread, the value returned by this method is null, and if the requested suspend policy for the event was EventRequest.SUSPEND_EVENT_THREAD, all threads will be suspended instead, and the EventSet.suspendPolicy() will reflect this change.

      Note that the discussion above does not apply to system threads created by the target VM during its normal (non-debug) operation.

      a ThreadReference which mirrors the event's thread in the target VM, or null in the rare cases described above.
    • referenceType

      ReferenceType referenceType()
      Returns the reference type for which this event was generated.
      a ReferenceType which mirrors the class, interface, or array which has been linked.