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ECS150 TA Website

Welcome to the ECS150 TA Website for Fall 2003. You will be able to find all sorts of useful references and information here, especially regarding the homeworks. This site will be updated regularly, so please check it often.


18 Dec 2003: The grade scale can now be found at the bottom of the 'Grades' section!
16 Dec 2003: All grades (including midterm and final) have been posted! (Hopefully, grade scale for letter grades will be posted soon too!)
13 Dec 2003: Happy Holidays! Grades for homework 3 have been posted. The most common mistake made was forgetting to comment code, or leaving out one of the required fields.
07 Dec 2003: Grades have been updated with homework 2 scores. Results for homework 3, the midterm, and the brainstorming sessions are pending.
05 Dec 2003: Today is the last day for homework 2 interactive grading. You must show up for an interactive grading session to receive a grade! If you do not have a slot, please come anyway. We'll try to fit you in if possible.
After interactive grading is done, homework 2 and brainstorming grades will be posted. Make sure to check the website in a couple days to see if everything is correct!
29 Nov 2003: Added another sample core file to the 'Homework 3' section. Also added a floppy image with both sample core files.
26 Nov 2003: You can see the slides Eric used in this week's discussion sections here.
23 Nov 2003: Updated the 'Homework 3' section.
18 Nov 2003: More interactive grading information has been added to the 'Homework 2' section. Signup sheets will be posted outside the Kemper Hall TA Room Wednesday evening.
A new version of stattest.c has been posted. Please download the latest version! (The floppy image now contains the latest version.)
17 Nov 2003: The handin procedure for homework 2 has changed. Please check back later for more information.
The 'Homework 2' section has been updated with the handin procedure and interactive grading information.
The homework 2 deadline has been extended to 11:59pm, Saturday November 22nd.
16 Nov 2003: Added some handin information.
14 Nov 2003: Updated systest.c and systest2.c - please download the newest version!
Added a floppy image with all the test programs for homework 2.
Added a few hints to the 'Homework 2' section.
13 Nov 2003: Added stattest.c in the 'Homework 2' section to test lottery scheduling.
10 Nov 2003: You can find a list of possible midterm topics here.
08 Nov 2003: Added a floppy image containing systest.c and systest2.c to the homework 2 section. You can download it here.
06 Nov 2003: Added 'Grades' section to left menu. Scroll to bottom of grades page for details on grading. NOTE: Some people have turned in homework that are not on the class roster. If you are one of these people, we may not have your student ID.
Updated 'Homework 2' section with information on how to make sure you are using the latest version of your kernel.
03 Nov 2003: Made some significant updates to the homework 2 information section.
Added sample programs that test setLotteryTickets, fork(), and kill().
You can see the slides Sophie used in this week's discussion sections here.
02 Nov 2003: Updated homework 2 information and syscall guide.
27 Oct 2003: You can see the slides Eric used in this week's discussion sections here.
21 Oct 2003: Fixed some errors in the system call guide.
You can see the slides Sophie used in this week's discussion sections here.
19 Oct 2003: Added homework 2 information, and a guide on adding system calls in Minix (see 'Homework 2' section).
18 Oct 2003: Disk quota problem on cs150 account has been resolved. If you could not submit homework1 before, please submit it now. (PLEASE compress floppy.img first - see 'General Info' section for more information.)
Added 'Remote Access' and 'Using errno' sections under 'Resources' and added 'Homework Handin Procedure' under 'General Info'.
16 Oct 2003: Updated course website design and content.
16 Oct 2003: Homework 2 assigned in class.
15 Oct 2003: Homework 1 due date extended to Saturday, October 18th at 12 noon.
15 Oct 2003: Posted homework handin information.