Schedule of topics and readling list

Numbers in the reading are chapter numbers in the textbook.

Many slides are borrowed from Prof. Shmatikov's Network Security and Privacy course. Many thanks to Prof. Shmatikov.

Week Date Topics and due dates Reading
Week 1 Aug. 25 Course outline and Questionnaire Sites Feed Personal Details To New Tracking Industry

Week 2 Aug. 30 Stream Cipher 2.3~2.4
Sep. 1 Wireless security On Google And Other Misunderstood Wireless Data Collectors
Cafe Latte Attack
Week 3 Sep. 6Labor day - no class
Sep. 8 Secure Hash Functions 3.2
Week 4 Sep. 13 Definition of Security
Service Lab Proposal due
Sep. 15 MAC using hash, Symmetric Encryption for Confidentiality 3.1, 3.3, 2.1~2.2
Week 5 Sep. 20 Cookies
Sep. 22 Public-key cryptography
Lab 1 WEP crack due
Week 6 Sep. 27 Public-key infrastructure & PGP
Sep. 29 Passwords 9.3
Oct. 1 Assignment 1 due
Week 7 Oct. 4 Review for midterm
Oct. 6 Midterm
Week 8 Oct. 11 Fall break - no class
Oct. 13 Privacy in Health Data
Class continues to Cancer research, Translational Medicine
Service Lab detailed proposal due
Privacy Interests in Prescription data
Part I: Prescriber Privacy, Part II: Patient Privacy
available in Blackboard
Week 9 Oct. 18 SSL/TLS5.1~5.5
Oct. 20 Firewalls (slides in Blackboard) 11.1~11.7
Week 10 Oct. 25Intrusion Detection (slides in Blackboard)
Oct. 27 k-Anonymity
Assignment 2 due
Readings in Blackboard
Week 11 Nov. 1 De-anoymization Myths and fallacies of "personally identifiable information"
De-anonymizing Netflix and Social Networks, FAQs here and here
Nov. 3 Spam filtering
Guest lecture by Peter Likarish
Lab 2 code snippet due
Graham, A plan for spam
Graham, Better Bayesian Filtering
Google, Spam Explained
Week 12 Nov. 8 Economics and Privacy
Denial of Service attack
Nudging Privacy: The Behavioral Economics of Personal Information in BB
Nov. 10 IPSec&IKE
Service Lab progress report due
Nov. 12 Lab 2 report due
Week 13 Nov. 15 Cross Site/Channel Scripting The emergence of cross channel scripting
Nov. 17 RF-ID & Location privacy
On Locational Privacy, and How to Avoid Losing it Forever.
Panopticon revisited
HIPAA Security Enforcement Is Here
Heuristics for de-identifying health data in BB
Week 14 Nov. 22 Buffer overflow exploits
Readings in BB
Nov. 24 Malicious Software
Assignment 3 due
Week 15 Nov. 29 Biometrics and CAPTCHA
Dec. 1 Privacy Protection by Law
guest lecture by Prof. Susan Freiwald
A First Principles Approach to Communications' Privacyby Prof. Freiwald
Freiwald on Much-Anticipated Cell Location Privacy Decision
Week 16 Dec. 6 Service Lab presentations
Dec. 8 Review for Final exam
Final week Dec. 13 Final exam at 3pm